The Metastasis Prize

The prize (currently 12.000€) will be awarded to scientists who convincingly show that the proposed projects will generate a new opening in metastasis research. It must be clear from the proposal how the preliminary results obtained through the prize may enable the candidate to apply competitively for a research grant from national or international organizations.

Eligibility: We fund science performed in universities or non-for-profit organizations in the countries of the European Union, also including Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

Following the first prize assignment in 2013 we decided to award two prizes in 2015. We selected both an early stage (Junior Prize = until 6 years after PhD)  and a more advanced stage scientist (Senior Prize = until 12 years after PhD) as awardees of the Metastasis Prize.

2017, we awarded two Senior Prizes.

In 2019 and 2021 we awarded three prizes: One Junior Prize and two Senior Prizes.

Metastasis Prize 2023

After the call for proposals in the beginning of 2023 we obtained 24 applications divided in 13 applications for a Junior Prize and 11 applications for a Senior Prize.

The board members made a preselection based on the most important criteria of our foundation: an innovative idea that requires preliminary evidence before the candidate can apply for a full research grant. The board judges how the preliminary data resulting from the Metastasis Prize will facilitate follow-up research and will contribute to success in grant applications to regular national and international funding agencies. 

The most promising applications in both categories (Junior and Senior prizes) were next presented to a board of international experts to be ranked.
According to the ranking the board members decided to award four prizes, two for Junior and two for Senior Prizes.