The foundation

The Beug Foundation for Metastasis Research supports basic research on the mechanisms that underlie cancer metastasis and promotes the cooperation between basic und pharmaceutical  research to develop novel therapies.

The founder, Dr. Hartmut Beug, recognized that many key findings in basic cancer research are not pursued because their clinical applicability is not immediately evident. This is particularly true for cancer metastasis, which is the cause of death in over 80% of cancer patients. The molecular basis of metastasis is largely unknown and, as such, represents an area of significant opportunity for progress. Relevant preliminary results are difficult to obtain when mechanisms of action are complex.

The Metastasis Prize

The Beug Foundation for Metastasis Research recognizes that the molecular bases of metastasis still remain elusive and thus representan area of significant opportunity for progress.

The prizes awarded by the Foundation aim to support basic research on cancer metastasis mechanisms and promote both basic and translational research, the ultimate aim being the development of novel therapies. The focus of the prize (call open) is based on Hartmut Beug’s idea of supporting “new and original approaches to basic research on cancer metastasis, as well as new activities in the field of translational research”.

The 2019 awardees will present their project atthe EACRSeed and Soil 2019” meeting.


Hartmut Beug was a pioneering spirit who saw early on the value of investigating the plasticity and invasiveness of cancer cells as a necessary step towards understanding metastasis. The study of metastasis is now wide open to many technologies and talents, and its pursuit stands to provide fundamental knowledge for the treatment of cancer. Funding metastasis research offers an opportunity of contribute to medical impact of historical proportions.

Joan Massagué, PhD

Chair, Cancer Biology & Genetics Program, SKI Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA


The Beug Stiftung was created in the hope of raising awareness of the importance of cancer metastasis research and the need for additional funding. We understand that cancer touches the lives of almost everyone and realize that we are not alone in our desire to find a cure. Thanks to people like you who share our vision of a world with better treatment options for cancer patients, we promote cutting edge science to fight one of the biggest killers in modern medicine – cancer metastasis.

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